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You can visit five scenic destinations that will be incorporated into the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail: Dockside Park (Cold Spring), Little Stony Point, Breakneck Ridge, Dennings Point, and Long Dock Park (Beacon).

Work on Phase 1 of the project, the Breakneck Connector and Bridge, is scheduled to begin in 2022. Improvements at this time will also address changes to the current parking situation, implementing new restrictions that will create a safer environment for trail users and motorists on Route 9-D. In the fall of 2021, Metro-North Railroad and HHFT began installation of safety fencing along the railroad tracks in this area.

breakneck site plan PICNIC GROVE REMOVED

Breakneck Connector and Bridge

Breakneck Connector, Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail

Metro-North Railroad

State Route 9-D

Breakneck Bridge

Breakneck Bridge will connect the trail over Metro-North Railroad at Breakneck Mountain to the future shoreline trail that will run south to Little Stony Point. The new bridge essentially follows the old route of 9D before the tunnel was created and restores DEP access to their facility. 

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In the summer of 2021, the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail partnered with New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) to create the Nimham Trail, connecting Breakneck Ridge to the Wilkinson Memorial Trail. This is in response to the ecological problems of trail spreading and erosion created by hikers getting lost returning to the Breakneck parking lot.

Breakneck bridge.jpg

Breakneck Bridge

The remaining sections of the trail are scheduled to be constructed between 2022 and 2027.

Check back for updates as the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail gets underway!

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