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  1. I remain very enthusiastic about the project as presented . However as a resident of the village I don’t believe the parking and congestion associated with this project is being address by the Village of Cold Spring . At your most recent presentation there was zero attendance by Village gov’t … I would strongly suggest that every elected official be invited to attend. The trail begins in the village despite the formal starting line. further it will be the villages services and tax payers that will have to deal with the influx of visitors. Without shared revenue by the county on sales tax this project will be exciting but also a drain on local resources our tax payers .. I am sure there are opts but all stake holders need to be invited . best of luck on the project.

  2. I drove from Beacon to Cold Spring on Route 9D yesterday morning. It was cold and there were no hikers nor cars parked along the way. But what I did notice was the tremendous amount of garbage left in the hikers’ parking areas and along the road where the hikers walk to the trails. Soda cans, coffee cups, take-out containers, and mounds of other detritus. Not a garbage can in sight nor a sign dictating “Carry in – Carry out!”. The trail is a great idea but I will oppose it until part of its planning AND completion addresses the garbage situation. I was amazed that those who derive such pleasure from the environment choose to leave it so scarred.

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